Welcome to this short course in Personal Tutoring

Welcome to this short course in Personal Tutoring. One of the many responsibilities you have as an academic in higher education is the role of Personal Tutor. This course has been designed to familiarize you with the expectations of personal tutoring, whatever your level of experience in the role. You will be prompted to reflect on your own practices and the wider support available for students at the University. In this short course we are going to explore the reasons why the role matters, what the expectations of the role are, and some ways in which you can perform better in the role.

Chapter 1: Why does Personal Tutoring matter? [Time: 40 mins]

Chapter 2: What are the expectations of a Personal Tutor? [Time: 20 mins]

Chapter 3: How might you improve as a Personal Tutor? [Time: 30 mins]

The course is divided into three chapters and there are activities for you to complete in each one. The first two chapters can be completed without reference to recent experience as a personal tutor. The third chapter requires you to reflect on your own behaviours as a personal tutor so will ask you to recall a specific tutorial meeting.

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